Cobots in Food Industry

Cobots in Food Industry

Are You Ready To See Smart Robots In Workplace?

Imagine robots playing an equally active role along with humans in the workplace. It is actually the reality. The collaborative robots have now been included in the workforce. If you can design the workflow in such a way of taking advantage of the features of robots and humans, there are several benefits. Check out more about Cobots in Food Industry.

What Is Meant By Cobots?

Cobots are the advanced generation of traditional robotic systems. It is designed to work along with humans. Due to improvements in vision technology and sensor, the cobot does not require any security or left within a cage while helping human employees in the workplace. It is entirely safe to implement. It is also different from the robots with heavy bulk and rapid movements which are seen in industrial robots of earlier generations.

Collaborative robots at the food packing unit.

Technological advancements in robotic technology and computing power have resulted in the development of cobots. The best part is it is available in a reasonable price tag. It is the reason most medium and small size business owners can implement cobots in their business space.

Some of the benefits of technologically advanced robots help companies to compete and perform better than large manufacturers.

Cobots are:

  • Simple to the program: The user does not need any programming experience to operate and set up cobots quickly. They are easily programmed or virtually switch on and play model through the tablet. It can also be switched on by adjusting the arms of the cobots.
  • Fast to set up: The traditional or industrial robots require two weeks to be completely operational. But the setup duration for the advanced cobots is less than hours.
  • Flexible: the traditional robots are mostly fastened to the floor. It will be deployed for a specific application. But the cobots are mobile and flexible. It does not require much space, and it is possible to deploy effortlessly to support multiple and new applications.
  • Safe: The best part of cobots is it is completely safe. It does not require any safety cages to protect the human workforce when they are on duty. The cobots can find out obstacles and balance their reverse or speed to avoid hitting into humans or even other obstacles.

How Are Cobots Used In The Restaurants And Food Business?

There are a lot of experiments taking place with cobots. They are repeatedly tested to receive approval from people.
The latest Starbucks experience

Imagine you want to sip a cold brewed coffee from Starbucks. You would take your mobile phone and place an order at a closeby location. When you enter the coffee shop, a friendly employee of Starbucks will welcome you. It is the latest kind of customer engagement. It is also the best opportunity to develop a good customer relationship. If you have doubts about the locality, the employee would guide you and also let you know where to pick up your order.

When you glance who is working on the counter, you can find the robot preparing the cold coffee for you. The best part is it will be performing with the utmost dedication and care.

The large screen would flash your name to inform you that your order can be picked up. The next step of customer engagement is combining human greeters along with robotic efficiency. This way, you can see greeters spending a lot of time with customers. The growing requirement of setup and delivery staff to bring ingredients and raw materials assist the robots. It also ensures that they are not running out of inventory.

Cobots in action at a food processing unit.

By employing robots in the food business, the business can function round the clock. The customers can order and get the food or drink any time they wish.

Panera and McDonalds have already implemented self-pay and self-ordering in most of their restaurant branches. Moreover, with the assistance of apps, cameras, and robots, customers can satisfy their thirst. The store will also be monitored round the clock.

Eatsa is a food company based in San Francisco. It has been experimenting with cobots for a long time. It has been added in several locations too.

At Eatsa, you can choose the meal and pay for it at the start itself. You will be notified when the food is ready. You need to pick up the food from the self-service locker.

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