About Us

A food consultant in India is a person or company who uses their expertise to advise others on the technological and commercial parts of agro and food processing. At Horne and Dekker, this is what we do. We offer a wide range of consultancy services related to food processing with the aim to facilitate firms to produce a better product line, improve their marketing and benefit the customer.

As one of the well-known food consultants in the market, we provide a utility system that is highly cost-effective to our clients that range from processing industries to food-associated companies and even aspiring entrepreneurs. We are happy to present our guidance on:

  • Fusion foods
  • Continental foods
  • Traditional foods

Our constant work and effort has gained us much appreciation and respect in the sector. Since we began operations we have worked with:

  • Experts
  • Scientists
  • Leading professionals

Our in-house technical staff is capable of handling new project development, re-engineering services and even restructuring of your food processing company.

The mission of Horne And Dekker is to give start-ups and established firms the freedom to explore their passion for food. We fulfill the mission by keeping a singular vision – support our clients with all the services needed by them to deliver their mission. It is why our team is made up of people who have experience in varying fields and thus, can offer a gamut of services. It makes Horne And Dekker utterly inimitable in the food consulting industry.