Restaurant consumer trends in 2019 for the millennial population

Restaurant consumer trends in 2019 for the millennial population

Diet with taste is the choice of the millennial 

The younger generation of millennials is diverted towards healthy concepts of life. They all want to look in an appropriate figure and are demanding dietary intakes. It is observed that more than thirty-three percent of millennial keep on searching and following health tips bloggers and websites. The thirty-six percent out of them have updated android apps to take care of their daily food routines and follow strict routine as per the data given in the apps. And what’s more twelve percent of millennials are paying to get support from online health experts, nutrition and dietician experts.

Vegan or vegetarian food is the new key to fitness 

A research was conducted on restaurants to find out which trend is millennial preferring the most and its results made many people left unopened and amazed. According to the research done on 1.5K people among global chains of quick-service restaurants, the maximum number of orders was vegetarian. We can relate it to the concept of health and fitness as vegetarian food has a low number of calories and some serving quality health standards.

Due to this sudden rise in a vegan taste of the consumers the quick service restaurants having a global chain of branches are adding interesting combos and new delicious recipes to engage their consumers.

Most surprisingly food chains that are not being with the trend are suffering a lot. We can see a complete depreciation of 12.9% in the sales of McDonalds as the younger populations are demanding more vegetarian varieties on the menu of the restaurant.

Non-vegetarians are eating more vegan than vegetarians

Another research on the food consumption trends in 2015 conveyed that, 3.8 percent of Americans were completely vegetarian and more than 6 percent out it was from 18-34 as per the reports. The interesting conclusion to the report was non-vegetarians are eating more vegetarian food when compared to the vegetarians.

The different types of food nutrients loved by millennial 

Millennials have lots of changing and evolving minds about their constant changes in nutritional needs. They know that calories are present in all sorts of foods and have developed no haste for the calories. They are concentrating more on sugar consumed and carbohydrate volumes in their meals. As the research is still undergoing that which nutrition can make it to a perfect healthy meal?

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