multi-room-audio-system-UsageHome audio and video systems keep on getting more and more sophisticated with every passing year. They offer uncompromisingly more user friendly and convenient features, not to mention, superb performance. With electronics becoming quite affordable even on the most meager of budgets, these devices are popping up all over the average household and in every every room. All it takes is the right equipment to tie them all together. Distributed or multi-room audio systems are quite easy to find and set up if you buy the right parts from the source.  You can hook up just one room or every single room in the house with high-definition content. This can be anything from watching 4K movies to streaming lossless audio. You can have limitless entertainment at the touch of a button and one remote. The result is simple, clutter-free entertainment.At Delfin, we carry everything you need from ceiling and in-wall speakers, wall plates, IR distribution, modules and distribution hubs, source switchers and whatever else it takes to set up a seamless media system. We also bring you universal control stations backed with the power, reliability and performance to bring the very best entertainment experience over one unique platform. multi-room-audio-systemDelfin offers all a media access to all rooms, no worries. This allows you to have open access to your media in any room, anywhere at any time, making it perfect not just for parties but also for individual listening. Our discrete design features are made exclusive for each client’s needs and are tailored to suit your space. This means you can get a totally immersive performance without unsightly wires or speakers around the house. You can also hook up your satellite cable TV set top box to your central media unit and distribute high resolution video playback for all the TVs in your house. This feature is also linkable to security cameras, DVD players and even your iTunes playlist. Our intuitive universal controllers come with the option of a touch screen interface which can do everything from turning on the TV, setting up a recording time table for your favorite programs when you are away to playing music on your Multi room Video and audio system.

We offer products that are easy on your budget but are still top quality. With our free demo, you also have the option of trying the equipment in your home for a limited period of time before deciding to buy it at no extra cost. This ensures that you know what you are getting and there are no hidden costs or fittings. No longer is a dream home media set up unreachable to the common man. Here is a small sample of some of the tools we offer to help you get started. For further details and a free demo, get in touch with our friendly technical team.

Wireless Music Bridge

Wireless Music BridgeAn elegant way to listen to music from your computer, tablet or phone through a streamlined system, this music bridge will wirelessly connect all of your music collection, not to mention linking to playlists from internet streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora. It offers you precise and easy control over your entire entertainment system. The bridge also supports DLNA, AirPlay, FLAC lossless audio and Bluetooth allowing integration with any tablet, smartphone or computer. It also displays cover art from music tracks and the song or album’s metadata on any linked displays, touch screens and MyHome app- enabled devices.

WiFi Speaker Point

Play high quality music in any room and from a variety of audio sources with the Control4® Speaker Point. Featuring both Wi-Fi and Ethernet capacities, this bold piece of audio technology is ideal for music zones around your space or for situations where a wired speaker is not possible. It also features an analog input source, a speaker output zone and a line-level output zone.

8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch

Delfin offers the Control4® 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch for a full HD video experience to eight different locations. It distributes 8 HDMI sources to video display units, creating an automated video system. The Matrix Switch can connect video sources from every room in the house from its location whilst remaining discretely hidden. Another benefit of using the matrix switch is the elimination of cables and wires. By distributing HD video or audio or even ethernet over a solitary Cat-5e/6 cable, clutter is reduced.

4-Zone and 8-Zone Power Amplifier

The Control4® 100 Series Power Amplifiers from Delfin are built to deliver high fidelity audio to either four stereo or eight stereo zones. Irrespective of your home or project’s size or dimensions, you can enjoy a powerful and intuitive output from your audio system.

4-Zone and 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier

4-Zone and 8-Zone Matrix AmplifierEnjoy a uniquely powerful and clear audio performance in either four or eight audio zones. Boasting 60W and 120W of the best sound, this amplifier has 2 digital and 4 to 8 analog input sources for a 4-speaker or 8-speaker output. It features advanced equalizer capacities which pairs with the Control4® Equalizer app and a one-of-a-kind Power-Save mode, which allows the amp to operate with 2W power to conserve energy.  The 8-zone model also offers volume limiting capacities, independent input controls and full control over matrix switching.

So come visit our showroom or browse through our website and decide on the media console that suits your requirement. Feel free to discuss any of your queries with us as our customer support personnel are there to help you anytime.


Furniture DesignsBuilding a home is a lifetime desire of many people. Choosing the proper furniture is very important to give an appealing look to your home.
The living room is the important room in your house where you relax, dine and entertain with your family members. It contains good quality furniture without any compromises. The living rooms that are large should contain a comfortable sofa and chairs. If you have only one living room in your home, you can keep a television in this room. Dining area is the part of the living room and it should be very close to the entrance of the living room with a well-designed dining table and chairs. If your dining room is small, choose the small dining table and vice versa.

Furniture Designs1The bedroom should be located in the quietest place in the house. It should be the proper place for relaxation and good sleep. For big bedrooms, you should place a big bed, and for the small bedrooms, choose a bed that fits into the room.
Hall is the place where you visit your guests and spend time with them. You can make your hall from a dull to delightful one with decoration to give the first impression. You can use opposite colors on the walls since it is a very narrow space to create fun, and decorate the stairs with the beautiful patterned runners.
You must be innovative to make the poor designing room structure into an attractive room. Keep the separate partitioning areas in your hallway using an armoire for keep jackets, coats, umbrellas, scarves, and hats. Use proper lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere.
Improve Your HomeYou make sure that the nursery must be given safety. This is your first priority in decorating the home. You should use the furniture based on the age of your children. For school going children, tables and desks, and shelves to store the books are required, whereas for infants, a crib is required. You can also include common themes like sports, dancing, etc.


Shopping Trolleys As Decors?! How Does That Combine!The shopping trolleys remain highly beneficial for retailers and frequent shoppers. The trolley is made using highest standard quality products. Most of the branded shopping trolleys come with protected and recognized certification. The manufacturers have started to use the best design and materials for producing eco friendly trolleys. Such trolleys are durable, reliable and do not require replacement and maintenance. It helps to save significant costs for the shop owners every year. The shopping trolleys also serve as a great addition to any home. It can be used inside the home for carrying and moving things inside the home.

When you purchase high quality trolleys, there is no need to replace wheels. High quality trolleys do not get damaged due to wheels or breakage of trolley. It is manufactured using recycled materials and thus reduces the risks of damage to car, people and shelves or other collisions. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how shopping trolleys combine as a utility tool and a décor piece. It helps in providing a better shopping experience as well as helps in adding décor value, storage and transportation of goods inside the home.

Design: The design of the shopping trolleys look elegant, chic and neat. It does not cause any harm or danger to people standing nearby. It can be stored anywhere inside the home. It does not occupy much space when it is stored in the folded position. The shopping trolleys are best for household and commercial purpose. The trolleys are designed keeping the user’s requirements in mind. If you are looking for new color or design that matches your interiors of the shop or home, then you can share your needs to the manufacturer.

Better shopping experience: Since the trolleys are made using recycling materials, it is light in weight and remains easy for the customers to push, pull, drag and manage while shopping. The narrow trolleys provide complete pleasure to customers. They can easily navigate inside the store or home, choose products and items from the shelf and easily fill the shopping trolley. It is available in beautiful designs, bright colors and various models. It gives a fresh and pleasant appearance to the eyes. The shoppers can get a good impression about the brand when they shop with ease. It is easy to clean and remains rust proof. The shopping trolleys give great joy to users especially when they use with comfort and ease.

A safer choice: The shopShopping Trolleysping trolleys are strong, solid and remain durable for years. It comes in plastic and steel materials. The plastic trolleys help to reduce collision or damage while carrying the goods. Moreover, it does not wear out due to rust or damage. It is the best choice for both commercial and residential purposes. It can be easily used even by your kids. Since the trolleys are light in weight, you can easily pull or push the goods as you wish from one corner to another corner of your home.

Safe for the planet: The shopping trolleys are manufactured using eco friendly and superior quality products. It is made using 100% recycled materials and it can be recycled or recycled to other plastic products or trolleys.

Great benefits: It has great benefits and remains as the best option for shopping, moving goods and carrying things from one place to another. It is available at reasonable price and easily available in all leading stores. If you want to save money or reduce maintenance expenses on shopping trolleys, then you need to purchase quality products. It helps to save money on replacements and maintenance. It can be used for performing several outdoor activities like sailing, hiking, fishing apart from shopping. It is a must product for every home.

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