Salesforce Team

To be at the top of what you are doing, you need to constantly update your skills. You have to be aware of the latest trends, developments and innovations in the field. As the saying goes, in a corporate world, anyone can be replaced. You may be the most skilled and talented person in your team, however, the company will go on even if you leave. Anyone can be replaced at any time. SO to be in the race, do your homework. Salesforce is an excellent CRM which helps you be part of the corporate world. You can always undertake a salesforce developer online training and earn the salesforce certification benefits. gives you more information on this.

Why Salesforce certification is needed

There are hundreds of professional certifications going on now. You need to research and find out which one can help you best. You must have a certification which will ensure that you stay ahead of the others. At the same time, you can benefit yourself too by developing your skills. Salesforce is the most sought certification being taken up today. Employers also prefer to hire people who have salesforce certification and are aware of salesforce applications.

The Salesforce Administrator Certification (ADM 201) is a certification of the basic level for Salesforce .This is for professionals who engage in the salesforce application in their organization. This certification is provided by Salesforce is a well-known cloud computing firm which is located in San Francisco, California. The salesforce system supports the management of CRM through marketing. They introduced a new technology model which moved on to become the best CRM platform.

Eligibility criteria
· The eligibility criteria for this exam is
· The candidate should be an administrative professional
· The basic qualifications required is an A degree in BBA/BCA/MBA/MCA
· He/ She should have a clear knowledge of salesforce and its concepts

What is the Examination Pattern
The examination has 60 multiple choice questions. This has to be finished in 90 minutes. The passing mark is 65%.It is a closed book type. There are no online references. Hard copies of any study material will not be allowed. You can write the exam in any of the following languages:-
· English
· Brazilian
· Portuguese
· French
· German
· Spanish

Benefits of salesforce certification

cloud-computing-e1346937668870-300x200Getting a Salesforce certification is highly beneficial to you. It has so many advantages over other certifications. Some of them are:-

· You will have an expert in-depth knowledge of the domain
· You undergo the training and come out with solid experience as you are made to face real life situations.
· You will not have to stress about your data security.
· You can improve all the analytical skills you posses.
· Once you are a certified salesforce employee, you get a chance to showcase your abilities in many instances.
· Opportunities knock at your door at regular intervals.
· You become an asset to the firm as you can find and develop prebuilt applications in minutes.
· Mandatory for salesforce Job positions
· Invest in innovation, not infrastructure.
· You know all the twists in Salesforce that you can make it work in any direction. You can try out innovative methods to Optimize the efficient Implementation of Salesforce
· Your contribution to the Business value increases
· Salary hikes are based on the certifications you get in many organizations.