Get motivated

motivation1You might think we’re models of motivation here at RUNNER’S WORLD ­that we gather at dawn like running robots to bash out multiple mile reps before breakfast. Not quite. When my alarm went off at 7am this morning to rouse me for a gym workout, it was silenced swiftly and contemptuously. I have developed the knack of doing this by feel, so I don’t even have to open my eyes and my slumber is only momentarily disturbed.

So my biggest achievement of the day was resisting the lure of a sausage sandwich on the way into the office. Motivation ebbs and flows, and at the moment mine is ebbing as much as the ebb tide at Ebbsfleet. After a period when I was setting new PBs regularly I’m now grounded on a plateau.

motivation goalSo I found it valuable to read the motivation feature. One of the interesting points made by the experts we spoke to was that, while it’s good to have goals, it’s also possible to get too hung up on results – they’re great when you’re achieving them, but not so good when you’re not. It’s easy to forget in the blur of races, splits and times one of the main reasons that keeps us running – the simple pleasure of movement itself.

This is a theme that’s explored in ‘A Simpler Life’ feature – running is a wonderfully hassle-free activity, but it is possible to overcomplicate it and lose its joyfulness and simplicity. To that end, we’ve collected 24 tips to help you take things back to basics, eliminate the things that causes of high blood pressure and enjoy a more stress-free running life. Of course, the weather also affects motivation levels.