Enjoy The Comfort Of An Indoor Luxury Spa At Home

Home spaWouldn't it be great to have a spa at home itself? To indulge in the sweet, luxurious comfort of spa any day any time without even needing to step out of home would be a dream come true. Another great advantage is that we can include our family too and make it a family fun day at the spa. Even the best parlour in Chennai recommends an ideal day relaxation at a spa to rejuvenate your senses and relax from the hectic lifestyle. The web page hgtv.com also mentions about the wide possibilities of having a spa at home.

Essentials needed for setting up an indoor luxury spa


The primary objective of a spa is to let the mind and body relax and get relieved from day to day tensions and work schedules. For that, the main colours of the spa should be some soothing ones like pastel colours. When the lights dim out, the colours should also be soft and in harmony with the surroundings.


In any spa, waterworks are the star attraction. Get a relief from the boring water tubs often seen in bathrooms and try out a small pool, or an artificially created hot water spring dripping down from the rocks. Let the imaginations fly and create a beautiful pool with a proper seating arrangement, where one can lean back and relax, near to the thermostat and other adjusting knobs. It should also have a window through which sunlight seeps through.

Floor and Wall Tiles

The floor and wall tiles should be again of subtle calm colours and also easy to use and clean. The whole environment should be a relaxing one, carrying one away to a peaceful world.

Lounge Chairs

Always choose an ergonomic design that will support the spine and posture while lying on the back. Small tables should also be provided nearby where bath towels and other small items can be kept.

Massage TableSpa masssage table

A massage table is an excellent addition to the spa where you can relax and get a massage done. Just flip over and lie down on your stomach, head immersed in soft pillows and get a massage which relieves you of all your tensions.
Separate bathroom facilities

Near to the spa, always keep a bathroom only accessible from the spa. But the bathroom should not be held open or be visible from the spa.

Stylish storage facilities

Storage spaces are needed to keep bath towels, jars of honey, cucumber eye packs, face packs, etc. The storage areas should be open and well maintained to give a beautiful and spacious look to the spa.

These are the essential things needed in an indoor luxury spa at home. So now onwards, instead of spending a significant amount of money for just one day at a luxury outdoor spa, invest in an indoor one instead. Thus the user can enjoy the comfort of a spa at his/her home itself.

Get ready to give a refresh to your home this summer. Add in a spa room and enjoy a relaxing soak and beat away your summer blues.