Coloured light is a fun, creative and innovative way to lighten up the moods and add an attractive touch to otherwise dull rooms. A room lighted up in layers of lighting gives a strong positive vibe. The home automation companies are nowadays giving more focus into mood lighting for homes because more and more clients are now interested in giving their homes various Coloured lighting, thus lighting up the moods.

freshome.com had conducted studies on giving homes a fresh twist with the help of Coloured lights. Every room needs different layers of light to be exact. A layer of bright light for practical purposes, a layer of focused light for tasks, and finally softer ambient lighting in other areas.

All the layers of lighting together transform the room into a new one and also change the moods into a happier one. Different lights give different feelings, charm, and personality to the room. For example, the yellow light would impart a warm and soothing effect, perfect for an intimate family get together watching movies snuggling together on the sofa. Red stands for love and passion.

So that would be the perfect light for a romantic dinner date. Blue colour stands for peace and serenity. So, if you feel like spending some alone time peacefully in the bedroom or pool, blue would be just perfect for the mood. Thus mood lighting is spot on to simply lighten up your day and brighten up the spirits!

Coloured LED light bulbs to add a dash of colour to rooms

One simple and easy way to brighten up the rooms with various choices of colours is through Coloured LED light bulbs. GU10 Coloured LED bulbs can be substituted in place of any regular GU10 light bulb. Coloured LED bulbs can also be added to lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights for adding a tinge of bright colour effect. It can also be used for providing a temporary lighting effect during maybe a fun-filled birthday party.


After the party, the Coloured bulbs can be removed, and ordinary bulbs can be put back in the socket. LED Light bulbs are available in red, green, blue and yellow colours. Multi-Coloured bulbs are also available which gives a rainbow of colours, perfect for a fun filled party.

LED Coloured strip lighting to light up in strips of attractive colours

An otherwise dull and boring room would look more appealing and brim with energy by the addition of Coloured strip lighting. Earlier this strip lighting was used only for commercial purposes in bars, hotels, etc. to add up some glitz and glamour. But nowadays strip lighting is used in residential buildings. LED strip lighting is available in many types of colours. But the most attractive of the lot is colour changing strip lighting. It consists of a strip of individual LED lights that can be cut and also joined.

With the help of a remote, the colour of the LED light can be changed in accordance with the user's mood. The greatest advantage of strip lighting is that it can be placed anywhere, it can be twisted, turned, to fit any bends around corners or curves. Wherever the user wishes to add a subtle touch of colour, there strip lighting can be use

Change of mood? Change the lamp colour!

This is yet another beautiful lighting system, where colour lamps are used to change the colour of lighting. So according to the changes in occasion or change of mood, simply alter the colour of the lamp and make the room perfect!