StartingPoint1Sadly, overwhelmed with our greedy desires, we can become bound to the office and our careers to the exclusion of real life. We’re richer than ever, but we work harder too and so we have less time to have good old-fashioned fun. All this work is making us dull boys. Gleick adds: “It’s undeniable that some kinds of work have become more intense because of our sophistication about time and our employers’ sophistication, even obsession, with it”

To enjoy life fully it helps to decide what we want to achieve and then set out to accomplish those goals. But not worrying about time helps – it allows us to think about and enjoy, what we are actually doing. Chopping onions, for example, or gardening, strolling to the corner shop, lying in a meadow munching a long grassy stem… anything. A good starting point is to use our limited time more effectively — to make it and kill it and buy it and spend it and then waste it sensibly. Live healthier by including natural products in your daily menu. Keep good body shape with hcg drops. Look for the most trusted sellers where to buy hcg drops from.

Chopping onions

The symptoms – do you need to make time?

The pressure builds. Your temples throb. Your right of way has been blocked. The nanoseconds are ticking away. Your heart is about to explode. Then, just as the elderly woman ahead of you finally reaches out her osteoporotic fingers to get a bag of prunes, you ram your trolley into her and send her sprawling. Yes, you are consumed with rage. Everyone is. Road, trolley, air, pedestrian… whatever next? We are frustrated because we spend most of our lives doing things we don’t want to do. We are out of control. If you experience the following symptoms then maybe you need to get to grips with time:

The solutions -time management

StartingPoint12Unfortunately, every day has a mere 24 hours and, unless you are Margaret Thatcher or Chris Tarrant, some of these you will have to spend asleep. Crudely put it is tough to fit everything we want to do (have fun) or ought to do (work) into a day. If we want to do more, we have to use our time more efficiently and this means thinking about – wait for it – time management.

Time management does not have to involve reading turgid ‘life skills’ manuals, talking in a twangy American accent or turning, gradually but inevitably, into one of those besuited zealots who look and talk alarmingly like William Hague. It should be about applying a bit of common sense to your everyday life. The incentive is clear: more time means more fun.